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Casinos Without Swedish License

With us you will find information about casinos without a Swedish license. We also provide information about everything about playing at a casino without a license, despite the fact that today there are, among other things, casinos without a Swedish license with Trustly, as well as other fast and good payment solutions.

A casino without Spelpaus is the same as a casino without a license in Sweden, but what does this really mean for you who live in Sweden.

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Casinos without Swedish license list

Checkout our list for the best casinos without swedish license.

All casinos without swedish license All Casinos UP TO €3000 BONUS
  • Trustly
  • Direct Withdrawals
  • MGA License (No Taxes)
New casinos without swedish license New Casinos NEW OFFERS
  • New Bonuses
  • Trustly & Zimpler
  • MGA License(No Taxes)
Pay N' Play casinos non license No Registration CASHBACK BONUSES
  • Trustly & Zimpler
  • Instant Withdrawals
  • MGA License (No Taxes)
Trustly casinos without swedish license Fast Registrations UP TO 120 FREE SPINS
  • Use BankID
  • Instant Withdrawals
  • MGA License (No Taxes)
Zimpler without Spelpaus With BankID INSTANT WITHDRAWALS
  • Pay & Play
  • Zimpler & Trustly
  • MGA LicensE (No Taxes)
Betting without swedish license Betting & Casino BIG SIGNUP BONUSES
  • Pay N' Play
  • Live Odds
  • MGA License (Ni Taxes)
MGA casinon without swedish license Tax Free BIG BONUSES
  • Safe Deposits
  • Use BankID
  • MGA License (No Taxes)
Curacao Casinos non licensed Bitcoin Casinos CRYPTO DEPOSITS
  • Bitcoin
  • Light Coin
  • Big Bonuses
Curacao Casinos non license Curacao Casinon MASTERCARD/VISA
  • Big Game Offers
  • Live Odds
  • CURACAO License

Casinos without Spelpaus



casino without Spelpaus illustration


Casino without a break, what does this really mean? Spelpaus is a tool, a so-called shutdown system for you who need a break from gambling. It came in connection with the new Gaming Act 2019. All licensed gaming companies in Sweden must follow this suspension system and offer the service close at hand for all visitors.


This service is for licensed casinos and not for casinos without a Swedish license – which in turn is without Spelpaus. It is not recommended to someone who is on a break to play at a casino without Spelpaus. We recommend that you instead contact the respective casino and ask that they immediately shut you down without you opening an account.

Best casino without spelpaus

  • 22Bet – Casino without Spelpaus
  • 20Bet – Casino and Betting without Spelpaus
  • Sticky Wilds– Without swedish license
  • Casoo – Casino without gaming break
  • Bitkingz – Casino without limit
  • Beem Casino – Without limits

Casinos despite Spelpaus

Today, there is the opportunity to play casino despite a break, but this means that you will not have the opportunity to shut down in the same way as at the licensed casinos. There you switch off by visiting, fill in your social security number and confirm the suspension with BankID. All forms of suspension cannot be undone or revoked.

Internal Spelpaus

Many Swedish players shut themselves off directly for a preventive purpose but discovered quite quickly that they could not even play on other games. For that reason, there are people who regret their suspension and are looking for the casinos that offer games despite Spelpaus.

Casinos without gaming break

The suspension applies to all games in Sweden, which means that you can not place a bet on the trotting track or visit casino Cosmopol. So it is not just for online casino. Just as the term “casino without Spelpaus” has coined another term, this is a casino without a gaming limit and came as a side effect of the additional restrictions introduced during the summer of 2020. Hence the limit on casinos without limits.

You can switch off during the following periods:

  • 1 Month
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • Until further notice – The suspension is valid for at least 12 months and can be terminated after this period
  • Contact the authorities for other inquiry
Casinos without Spelpaus Trustly

Casinos without Spelpaus with Trustly

Even though a casino without Spelpaus can not deliver the same reliability as a casino with the Swedish license can, there are systems that can offer security in the form of Trustly.

Today, there is a casino without Spelpaus with Trustly when withdrawing and withdrawing money. Trustly is a reliable service offered by casinos.

Casinos without a Swedish license offers more bonuses

The Swedish Gaming Act allows casinos to only offer one bonus to new players, per license. Other countries that have a gaming license do not have these restrictions. This is not possible in Sweden and with current legislation.

Casinos without a Swedish license have other offers

This means that gaming companies without a Swedish license can offer cashback, VIP bonuses and other forms of offers to foreign players. The gaming companies that have a Swedish license also have a tax liability in Sweden.

Foreign casino

There are plenty of foreign casinos, today, there are many foreign casinos that have banned gambling for Swedes, including IP blocks as the casino is without a license against Sweden. But despite this, as I said, there is the opportunity to play at these foreign casinos.

Foreign casinos without Swedish

That you as a Swede can play at foreign casinos without a Swedish license is due to the fact that these casinos have blocked Swedish IP addresses. It is in this way, among other things, that foreign casinos without a Swedish license can choose to either offer games for Swedes.

Foreign casinos with Trustly the big question is whether there are foreign casinos with Trustly. We have answered this question later in the text where the answer is yes. What some people misunderstand is that in principle all casinos are foreign, the only difference is that some have a Swedish license and others do not.

Just like the foreign licensed casinos that offer Trustly, you can also find unlicensed foreign casinos that offer Trustly.

Casinos without the government

Casino without the government is then meant so that when you play at a casino without a Swedish license, the Swedish state is not in a corner, but everything is directly between you and the casino in question. What this means in this specific case is that the casino is without the probation of the Swedish government.

Casinos without authorities

We would like to point out that this is not something that is recommended. The Swedish license is there, among other things, for it to function as a kind of extra protection for you when you play online. Protection at the individual-level to ensure (among several things), that you do not play too much under the restrictions imposed due to the prevailing pandemic.

Casino without limit

New casinos without Swedish license 2023

Almost all the time, new casinos without a Swedish license appear on the market. The advantage of adding new players to a market (regardless of whether it is for casinos without a license or not) is that competition is even more at the forefront.

When the new casino enters an already competitive market, they have to fight their way in some way, usually in the form of bonuses and other generous offers. This is one of the approach that the new online casinos is doing when they are entering a new market.

This is a list of new online casinos without the Swedish license:

  • Beem Casino
  • Bitkingz Casino
  • National Casino
  • 22Bet Casino
  • 5 Gringos Casino

Casinos without limits

Casinos without limits is a reference to casinos without for example a deposit limit, max withdrawal limit and such limitations. Casinos without limits sounds like it is something wild and crazy, but for example most casinos have their own internal limitations. The key here is that you can use the tools when you need them for example.

Casinos without deposit limit

For casinos without deposit limit the target here is to find casinos that doesnt have any limits on the deposit amount you deposit.


We here at casino utan licens doesn’t recommend anyone to play at online casinos without a license. We are here to be a little guide in the vast oceans that is online casinos. Thank you for reading and check out our site.

FAQ about Casinos without license

Is it illegal to play at casinos without a Swedish license?

It’s completely legal.

How does payments work?

Either with a creditcard or a payment solution as Trustly.

With Spelpaus, can i play anyway?

Yes, you can. but it is not something we recommend for swedes

What is a casino without Spelpaus?

At licensed gaming companies, there is a system for self-exclusion called Spelpaus. This allows you to easily shut yourself off from all gaming companies if it becomes too much.